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General Information:

Please complete and sign the attached Application Form and Written Essay and email to:


A completed Application and completed Written Essay must be filed by April 29, 2019 at 5:00 pm.


The written essays are limited to 1500 words or less, double-spaced lines.


Funds will be issued only after all required documentation is received and approved. If awarded a BALEAF Scholarship, you will be required (upon request) to provide:

  • Certified Transcripts for the last school attended
  • Proof of Enrollment – Student ID#
  • a Photo


before funds can be awarded.

Applicants are reminded to make sure that the acceptance of a BALEAF Scholarship does not adversely affect any other Financial Assistance they may be receiving.


  Bay Area Law Enforcement Assistance Fund Memorial and Academic Scholarship Application


Applicant Data




Birth Date: 









You will receive related information via your email address.


Law Enforcement Agency:  


Eligible Agency Employee:  


Relationship to Employee:  


College or Business/Trade School attending:  


Present level:   


Intended Major:  


School ID #:  


High School Attended or GED:  


GPA at last school attended:  

Upon receipt of BALEAF Scholarship Program funds, I give permission for BALEAF to use my photo in print material and on the BALEAF website relating to their Scholarship Program.


All of the information provided in this application is true to the best of my knowledge, and I have read and understand the award requirements (found at under the Scholarship Program Tab).


Applicant’s Name (Print)  






Email your completed Application to



appl for 2019 scholarship.doc
Microsoft Word document [242.5 KB]

Written Essay Topic:


How has social media helped or hindered public perception of law enforcement in the last four (4) years?


Please present your written opinion, utilizing proper grammar and sentence structure. Essays can not exceed 1500 words, double-spaced in full, for review and assessment.


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