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It’s been a few busy months!  On May 2, 2019, we had SFPD Memorial Night at the Department's Headquarters, where we remembered and honored the SFPD Officers who made the ultimate sacrifice. Many of their friends and families were there to remember their sacrifice.


June was a pretty quiet month for the Bay Area. Unfortunately, we lost one of our own, Sacramento Police Officer Tara O’Malley. There were also many officers around the state and nation who also made the ultimate sacrifice. We thank them all for service to our country, and we offer condolences and healing thoughts and strength to their families.


On July 11, 2019, we honored three Bay Area students with Scholarship Awards, to assist them with their studies. The SFPD Officer Jon Cook Memorial Scholarship winner was Francesca Pharo, the daughter of a member of the Napa Valley Police Department. The Academic Scholarship winners were Giana Zamagni, the daughter of a San Francisco Police Department officer, and Miranda Doty, the daugher of the Assistant Sheriff of the Santa Clara County Sheriffs's Office. Congratulations to one and all!


The Bay Area celebrated Gay Pride and our Board Member Candy Hilder was out in front to celebrate and elevate Pride week.


July 18, 2019, was the annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Night. BALEAF and the Police Officers Memorial Fund were recipients of donations given by the San Francisco Giants and Law Enforcement Agencies who purchased tickets. It was also a night to honor those who have fallen in the Line of Duty. I haven’t ridden the bus for the Families of our Heroes in a long time. It was very emotional for all of us. If you have never seen the motorcade that escorts the families, it is something to see. The game happens annually in July; hope to see many of you there again next year!  By the way, the Giants beat the Mets in overtime !  GO GIANTS!!!


BALEAF continues to move forward in this, our 20th anniversary year.  We are currently looking for corporate funding to assist us as we increase our assistance to Bay Area law enforcement officers and their families, as well as to civilian members of those organizations, who have either been killed in the line of duty, have been seriously injured, or who have suffered a catastrophic event. If you are aware of anyone who might be interested in partnering with us, please have them reach out to me at


We are also planning a fundraiser and raffle for later this year. I will post information as we plan it out.


Take Care and Be Safe Out There!!

May 1st began Law Enforcement Month.  This is the time when Officers, their family and friends gather together to remember those Law Enforcement Officers who made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting the citizens of this country.  Each state has a ceremony, and there is also a National Ceremony held at the Memorial in Washington, D.C.


As a Retired Sergeant of the San Francisco Sheriff's Department, I understand how much we think about, and treasure, our family and friends, and how important our relationships with our co-workers are to us.


On May 2nd, members of BALEAF, along with members of the San Francisco Police Officer's Association and the Chief's Office, gathered and hosted the families, friends, and co-workers of the 99 officers listed on the Memorial Wall at the Headquarters of the San Francisco Police Department.  Many of the speakers asked that we all remember the good times and the bad times and to try and find comfort in those memories.  The Officers on the Wall will never be forgotten, and will always be missed.  It is important that we remember how they lived, more than how they died.


During this month, I would encourage and challenge us all to take the time to say hello, or even just smile, to Officers who are on duty.  I remember when I was on duty, and how much it meant when people just smiled or went out of their way to say hello and to tell me to have a safe day.


I'd also like to recognize and thank my fellow Board Members at BALEAF.  Most of us are retired law enforcement officers who take time out of their busy schedules to provide assistance to Law Enforcement Officers, civilian employees, and their families.  Their unwavering commitment, continuous work, and assistance to ALL law enforcement agencies in the Bay Area is deeply appreciated!

Hello, Everyone!


My name is Fabian Brown, and I am the new President of the Bay Area Law Enforcement Assistance Fund (BALEAF)!  I was elected at the January 2019 meeting by the Board of Directors.  


I am a retired Sergeant from the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, and I have been a Member of the Board of BALEAF since 2004.  I have served on the Board of BALEAF as a Board Member at Large and the Vice President.  I am the mother of three and the grandmother of 14, and have two dogs and a cat.  I am also the Region 10 Coordinator for the International Association of Women Police, covering the States of California, Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona and Utah.  


I am following in a pair of large shoes worn by our Past President, Kelly Blackwell-Garcia.  My goal is to move BALEAF forward in this challenging world.  We will continue to serve and assist Law Enforcement Officers, their families, and the employees who support their work.  


Through Kelly’s hard work and diligence, and the dedication of the Board of BALEAF, we have surpassed the $1,000,000.00 mark for raising and donating funds to law enforcement officers and their families throughout the Bay Area in need!


Our next fundraising event will be our annual Law Enforcement Night at AT&T Park on Thursday, July 18, 2019.  Throughout the year, we will continue to host fun events in the future.  Please friend us on our Facebook page, and check back regularly for more information.


If you are a law enforcement officer, please remember BALEAF if you, or a fellow officer or co-worker, needs assistance.  We are here to assist during times of catastrophic illness or needs.  Our email is or a message can be left at 415-837-0875.  


BALEAF is a non-profit organization, and all donations made to the organization go directly towards assisting Bay Area law enforcement officers in need.  All Administrative costs are covered by annual donations made by the Board of Directors.

Past President Kelly Blackwell-Garcia and new President Fabian Brown

Retired Sergeant Fabian Brown from the San Francisco Sheriff's Department has been elected as the new BALEAF President! Fabian is no stranger to the BALEAF Board; she has served on the Board for the past 10 years, including serving on the Executive Board for the past 3 years as the organization's Vice President.  


When Kelly Blackwell-Garcia decided not to run for another term as President, after serving in that capacity for the past 7 years, Fabian decided to take the next step and run for President.  She is absolutely thrilled to join the rest of the Executive Board – SFPD Sergeant Maura "Mo" Pengel/Executive Director, Retired SFPD Inspector Robin Matthews/Vice President, who was also elected in the same election as Fabian, Retired Richmond P.D. Sergeant Christa Cappiali/Secretary, Retired SFPD Officer Pat Burley/Treasurer, and Retired San Francisco Sheriff's Department Sergeant Matt O'Shea /Sergeant-at-Arms – as they continue to move BALEAF forward in it's efforts to assist Bay Area law enforcement officers and their families and civilian members of those agencies.  Kelly will remain on the Board as a regular Board member.


Fabian joined the San Francisco Sheriff's Department in 1996 and worked in a variety of positions there, including the courts, the station transfer unit, and CJ1 Intake, and often served as the Watch Commander there.  She retired this past year as a Sergeant. She is a member of the American Red Cross Leadership Board, and is also serving on her third, three-year term as the Region 10 Coordinator for the International Association of Women Police (IAWP), which covers California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Hawaii.  When she isn't busy with BALEAF, she enjoys camping, white water rafting, gardening, and traveling.  


Congratulations, Fabian!

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