Bay Area Law Enforcement Assistance Fund
Bay Area Law Enforcement Assistance Fund

What is BALEAF?


BALEAF, founded in 1999, provides support to law enforcement families who have experienced a member killed in the line of duty, loss of life, serious injury or illness.


BALEAF can provide immediate funding for a range of needs in these difficult circumstances.


BALEAF supports all employees of law enforcement agencies within the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding counties.


The BALEAF Board of Directors includes active and retired officers, as well as survivors of members we have lost.


Since 1999, BALEAF has assisted 41 agencies and contributed to both the Twin Towers Fund and the Katrina Disaster Relief Fund. As of 2014, BALEAF has contributed over $650,000 to law enforcement families in need, thanks to the generosity of those who have donated to the Bay Area Law Enforcement Assistance Fund.

BALEAF provides:


  • Short term financial assistance
  • Referrals for psychological services, grief support, and spiritual support
  • Educational scholarships

President's Message

As President of BALEAF I'm excited to announce four new and wonderful additions to our Board of Directors. We are honored to welcome the following new members; Bridget Lyons, SFPD (retired) Officer Pat Burley, SFPD Officer Candy Hilder and SFPD Sergeant Maura "Mo" Pengel.


Bridget is the product of numerous law enforcement generations and is the only surviving daughter of Officer James Francis Dougherty, SFPD EOW 1/10/00. She is the wife of Charlie Lyons, retired with 31 years of service with the SFPD. Bridget is currently serving as Secretary.


Pat, our new Treasurer, Candy and "Mo" are all veterans of the Department and each bring their own strengths, knowledge and experience to the Board. Each have been great supporters and are eager to fulfill the BALEAF mission statement; assisting law enforcement members and their families who have experienced a line of duty death, catastrophic event injury or illness. We could not be happier to have them as part of our team, helping our brothers and sisters in blue and their families in a time of need.


I also would like to announce that we have launched our BALEAF Scholarship Program! Any and all information about this wonderful new program can be found on our website.


Also don't forget to get your tickets for Law Enforcement Appreciation Night with the San Francisco Giants on Thursday July 28th! There will be a Pre-game Home Memorial Tribute to Northern California Police Officers who have died in the line of duty. Tickets are available at the San Francisco Police Officers Association. Thank you to all for your continued support!


Kelly Blackwell-Garcia
President of BALEAF
Bay Area Law Enforcement Assistance Fund

Combined Charities

BALEAF is proud to announce that the San Francisco Police Department participated in a City-wide combined charities campaign, with over 50 other City agencies. SFPD was the top contributor, and BALEAF was the number one charity that SFPD members had selected.  As President of BALEAF I am so very proud.  On behalf of the BALEAF Board of Directors, we thank you!


The BALEAF Board of Directors wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.  Because of the generosity of the members of the San Francisco Police Department, BALEAF will be able to provide financial assistance to many more of our law enforcement families who need the support.



Kelly Blackwell-Garcia


Bay Area Law Enforcement Assistance Fund


The Board of Directors of BALEAF Congratulates the 2016 Scholarship Winners!



Please visit our website for the latest news often.



2016 Law Enforcement Night with the SF Giants

July 28, 2016!

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